Our Students

September 14, 2016

Alizay Paracha – Transforming Communities with Prevention Science

Master of Prevention Science student Alizay Paracha puts her education to use by advocating for families through the Medical-Legal Partnership for Children.
September 7, 2016

Final Self-Paced Student Leland Dye Graduates with Distinction

Over the last four years, our final self-paced program graduate, Leland Dye, has become an expert in finding the time to keep his education moving forward.
July 27, 2016

Student Profile – Vanessa LaGrange

HHSA student Vanessa LaGrange is excited to be­come the first person in her family to earn a master’s degree.
July 15, 2016

Lori Hasty – A Story of Perseverance and Triumph

After Lori Hasty lost her husband in a car accident, her education took a backseat to her children's wellbeing. Today, she's a proud (soon-to-be) CLS alum.
July 13, 2016

Meet Outstanding Senior Jennifer Wynne

As a military wife and mother, Jennifer Wynne was used to giving. As CLS' Outstanding Senior for 2016, she receives recognition for her accomplishments.