The College of Liberal Studies welcomed a new member to its future student services team this year. Kasey Moore became the latest addition to the CLS family as a recruitment specialist in April.

At CLS, Moore recruits new students for the college, focusing on military and law enforcement in particular. His time is spent speaking with potential students, answering questions, informing them of unique opportunities CLS provides, helping them through the application process and offering additional support throughout the admissions process.

Before working with CLS, Moore worked at Arvest Bank as a Deposit Loss Prevention Analyst. He currently serves in the Oklahoma Army National Guard as a military intelligence officer, and as the Brigade Asst. S-2 for the 45th Fires Brigade. He received his bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis in criminology from OU’s College of Arts and Sciences.

His military and academic experience make him a perfect fit for CLS and its commitment to providing educational opportunities to military students. His academic knowledge and skills provide him unique insight into the lives of students who serve.

“I see an awesome opportunity specializing in military and law enforcement because it’s a culture that I know, love and deeply care for,” he said. “It lends well to the responsibilities of my position here. I always knew I wanted to work for OU and I knew there was no better way to show my school pride than on the frontlines recruiting for the university.”

Mary Wuestewald
Mary Wuestewald specializes in digital and content marketing at OU Outreach. In 2015, she earned a master's degree in Strategic Communication from OU’s College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She currently contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS social media efforts.

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