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December 7, 2016
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Highlights from Dr. Pappas’ Retirement Reception [PHOTOS]

CLS Deans Pose at Pappas Retirement Reception

Yesterday represented a bittersweet occasion as past and present deans, presidents, and university employees gathered to honor the career of CLS Dean James Pappas. OU President David L. Boren and Provost Kyle Harper both spoke at the event.

Pappas has served at the University of Oklahoma for nearly 30 years and is the longest-serving dean in OU history. His contributions to the college, University Outreach, and continuing education as a whole are extensive.  

Under his leadership, CLS has grown to be a tremendous resource for accredited online degree options, the fourth-largest college at OU, and a higher education provider for nontraditional students all over the world. He is responsible for multiple university-administered grants that provide service to communities statewide and oversees programs that directly serve more than 100,000 participants through University Outreach.

At the event, Pappas thanked many friends, family, and university employees for their contribution to his success. “Outreach’s success during my tenure simply mirrors the larger success of the university… I want to say ‘thank you’ to all of you and tell you how much you’ve meant to me during these 30 years of work for OU.”

Mary Wuestewald
Mary Wuestewald specializes in digital and content marketing at OU Outreach. In 2015, she earned a master's degree in Strategic Communication from OU’s College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She currently contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS social media efforts.

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