March 23, 2017

Class Highlight – American Correctional System

American Correctional System presents students with an overview of corrections, where it came from and how it’s managed today.
March 16, 2017

Class Highlight – Mediation History, Theory, and Practice

Mediation: History, Theory, and Practice will leave students with a working knowledge of the mediation process as well as contemporary practices and trends.
March 8, 2017

Class Highlight – Challenges in a Changing World

Challenges in a Changing World familiarizes students with the difficult problems facing society today and encourages critical thinking about social issues.
March 2, 2017

Class Highlight – Homeland/Global Security and Justice

Students in this class learn about terrorism, how the government responds to terrorism and how the courts provide global security while ensuring justice.
March 2, 2017

Taking Flight – Striving for Greatness

Runway lights and memories from Dubai helped OU junior Sadaf Imani discover her career path at OU.