Like many of my fellow Gen Xers, my job is more of a lifestyle than simply a job. I check e-mail and Twitter and Facebook often, even on weekends, just to make sure I am on top of things and don’t feel swamped come Monday morning. I don’t mind at all. Really. Being a recruiter is a service and I enjoy providing it.

One of the important functions of the College of Liberal Studies recruitment office is to unofficially evaluate transcripts. As you can imagine, we do this a lot as a majority our students are coming to us with unfinished business.

If you come to us with classes and coursework from other colleges and universities, we will take a look and given our experience, tell you if the 3 hours of introductory English literature you took at Central Upside Down University will be the equivalent to the requirements of OU. (Yes, I made the name of the college up but bear with me, please.)

About 90 percent of the time, we are correct when we tell you that of the 120 hours you have accumulated from various institutions of higher learning, 90 hours of credit will be transferable to the University of Oklahoma.

Let me add here that OU is a huge institution, managing 26,000 students in Norman alone, along with more than 5,000 faculty and staff members.

We have implemented a new online service, oZONE, which is a one-stop collection of services that students, faculty and staff use to take care of all the tasks associated with university life – enrollment, financial aid and billing for example. The beauty of oZONE is that you only have to log in one time to access all of these services, instead of multiple times as was the case previously.

To illustrate the scope of this immense project, consider that more 250 people on campus are contributing to the implementation of this project. It is ongoing and everyone is working hard on to ensure a smooth transition. Of course, as with any project this large, there are growing pains.

Why I am talking about this? Because sometimes I get some pretty pointed e-mails that I happen to read while hanging out with the fam, from folks who have experienced a misfire between our office, our evaluation of their transcript, and the official evaluation that was delivered through oZONE. If there is a discrepancy between what we tell you and what comes from oZONE, take a deep breath. It’ll be OK. Remember, this is a new system.

Which is to go back to my original statement: I am here to help. Before firing off emotional e-mails that might make you feel better initially, think before you hit “send” and please call me for clarification. OU is an enormous bureaucracy. That is why there are hundreds of humans available to answer questions. We are happy to do so.

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