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CLS Class Highlight – Nonprofit Management

nonprofit management

What class?

LSAL 4163: Nonprofit Management

Why is it cool?

Many young men and women are looking to do more in their lives than just make a dollar; they also want to make a difference. They’re not satisfied with working for a company that will only meet their financial needs – they need one to meet their social and humanitarian needs as well. The world of nonprofit companies have a broader purpose than just maximizing the bottom line. Unfortunately, merely wanting to do good is not enough. One must also have the basic knowledge and skills to make such a company successful and self-sustaining. This course will show students how they can become an integral part of running a socially conscience company.

This class is exciting because it can immediately help students that are currently involved in nonprofit organizations like fraternities, sororities, and campus clubs and organizations. Think of how cool it would be to walk into an organizational board meeting and suggest a CRM (Cause-Related Marketing) idea to raise money for your organization or to take the lead in developing a strategic plan!

“The students take away a basic understanding of how to successfully run a nonprofit company,” said current instructor Thomas Herskowitz. “The class covers everything from its legal structure to marketing ideas to financial management and planning. You will actually create your own nonprofit organization and prepare a strategic plan for it. Taking this course is equivalent to working in a nonprofit company as a senior manager for at least five years.”

Most graduates of OU will become involved in a nonprofit company in some way or another during their lives, either as a volunteer board member, a donor, or an officer or employee of a nonprofit organization. Students can apply the lessons learned in this class in any capacity as they interact in the nonprofit world.

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Mary Wuestewald
Mary Wuestewald specializes in digital and content marketing at OU Outreach. In 2015, she earned a master's degree in Strategic Communication from OU’s College of Journalism and Mass Communication. She currently contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS social media efforts.

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