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January 14, 2015
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CLS Class Highlight – Conflict Resolution

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What class?

LSAL 3133: Conflict Resolution

Why is it cool?

Conflict is a normal and inevitable part of human interaction. After all, people who approach a situation with different perspectives, values, motivations and perceptions can’t always be expected to agree. As a leader or member of a workplace, conflict is often unavoidable. While it is possible to ignore the problem and hope that it works itself out, this isn’t always the best idea. Learning how to deal with conflict head on is a crucial part of strengthening the bond between a group of people, and is the best way to keep small disagreements from having disruptive, and even painful, consequences. 

The ability to recognize conflict, understand its nature, and to be able to bring a swift resolution will serve you well in the workplace. The inability to do so, however, may very well bring about your downfall. Learning how to resolve conflict effectively is what distinguishes between functional, productive experiences that contribute to goal achievement, and difficult, contentious encounters that erode relationships and derail progress toward goals.

Conflict Resolution is cool because it gives students the tools to do just that. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to define conflict, discuss why it occurs and how it escalates, and explain the deeper meaning behind conflict. They will also be able to assess their own preferred conflict management style, identify and discuss current conflicts within the community and the world, use effective communication skills to deal with the dynamics of conflict and develop positive, ethical, constructive resolutions. 

Above all, this class asks students to consider the importance of human needs and behavior of self and others in difficult situations. Although these are normal occurrences in any organizational setting, the real challenge lies in how you choose to deal with them. Conflict resolution is possible anywhere that there is a sincere desire to do so. Throughout the semester, students in this class learn what is necessary to overcome the difficult situations that may arise in their careers and lives. 

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