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November 24, 2015
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CLS Class Highlight – Theories of Management and Leadership

theories of management and leadership

What class?

Theories of Management and Leadership

Why is it cool?

Being a leader seems like the best job in the world. You’re in an amazing position of power where you are in charge and minions carry out your brilliant ideas at the flick of your hand. Right? Wrong. Paul Dyer’s Theories of Management and Leadership course explores and grows students’ understanding of the history and theories behind quality leadership.

As an organizational psychologist, Dyer’s primary focus centers on the idea that leadership remains improperly defined; it is a directionless topic for most people, loosely used in conversation. Theories of Management and Leadership teaches that this subject remains commonplace, and the actual skill of leadership is a rare commodity.

Through this course, students will acquire and grow their ability to develop mission, vision, goal and objective statements, as well as analyze and apply effective leadership guidelines, strategies and solutions in leadership and management situations. This class’s fundamentals remain vital to understanding and employing effective, quality leadership.

Defining leadership is no easy task. Quality leadership demonstrates a deep understanding of communication, delegation, diversity, emotional intelligence, empowerment, ethics, followership and power. How leaders employ these virtues fall into many different leadership styles. So, the next time you think great leadership embodies, “Do as I say,” remember that entire organizations’ successes or failures could very well depend on a person’s basic understanding and execution of the term.

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Deah Caldwell
Deah Caldwell is a Future Student Services advisor for the College of Liberal Studies. In 2010, she earned her master’s degree in History from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS web content efforts.

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