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January 30, 2015
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CLS Class Highlight – Leadership in Organizations

leadership in organization

What class?

LSAL 3113: Leadership in Organizations

Why is it cool?

We live in a world surrounded by diverse organizations with very different purposes, but all have something in common. They have some type of leadership guiding them. Whether it’s a youth soccer game or a nuclear submarine, there is a coach coming up with a game plan or a commander issuing orders.

Most people have had personal experience with organizational leadership and can recognize it when they see it; sometimes it’s an official title next to someone’s name or it’s an informal deferment to someone for help or direction. Whatever the structure, the organization can be broken down into leaders and followers and both roles are dependent on the other.

This class is pure awesome because it introduces students to the major issues, theories and concepts related to both the study and application of leadership in organizations. Students will analyze real-world case studies from both the private business world and the U.S. armed forces. You’ll have the opportunity to sit in the leadership seat and make decisions on how you would have handled case study situations based on your leadership style and knowledge.

Throughout the course, students will be introduced to the general history of leadership research and the major theories that have developed from that research. They’ll develop specific skills to help in their personal growth as leaders in society and, most importantly, know how and when to apply what they’ve learned to the experience of everyday leadership situations.

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