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December 15, 2015
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CLS Class Highlight – Human Trafficking

human trafficking

What class?

Human Trafficking

Why is it cool?

When you think of human trafficking, you might imagine filthy slums with women and children forced into sexual slavery much like the movie Taken. Unfortunately, the reality is often even worse. Human trafficking in the modern world isn’t a fictional problem where Liam Neeson comes to the rescue and saves the day. Human trafficking is an age-old, real world problem. In fact, more slaves exist in the world today than at the height of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

An estimated 27-30 million people are currently enslaved in the world. Globally, illegal human trafficking is estimated as a $32-billion a year industry and is second only to drug trafficking with a $36-billion revenue. In the Human Trafficking course offered by CLS, students will learn about involuntary bondage from a historical and modern perspective within a national and global context.

Forced captivity cannot be pinpointed to one place in the world. It isn’t a red thumbtack stuck into a map. Unfortunately, it’s a global activity with many different categories and the Human Trafficking course will teach students to identify the smuggling of persons into different kinds of slavery, including bonded labor, forced migration and sex trafficking. Students will also walk away from this course with an in-depth perspective on modern-day slavery and the current fight against it.

Unlike their historic Roman counterparts, current slaves aren’t famous arena-legends that can buy their way out of their forced lifestyle. The world needs people advocating for organizations against human trafficking, increasing awareness about the seriousness of this issue and working to help find solutions to end this problem.

“Let’s not give up when meaningful change is possible and actually happening. Together we can help end violence, and protect children and their families. Together we can save lives.” –Lucy Liu.

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Deah Caldwell
Deah Caldwell is a Future Student Services advisor for the College of Liberal Studies. In 2010, she earned her master’s degree in History from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS web content efforts.

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