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CLS Class Highlight – Governing Ourselves

governing ourselves

What class?

LSTD 1333 – Governing Ourselves

Why is it cool?

For millennia, most global populations have been born into societies with some form of overarching government. Because of this, we rarely contemplate its existence, though we constantly question its effectiveness. Do a quick internet search of the purpose of government. Many sources suggest that it developed and occurs to ensure the rule of law or proper use of force. Different forms of government, therefore, have emerged and evolved throughout human history as a means of protection. In Governing Ourselves, you’ll learn how and why governments were established to safeguard its citizenry and employ force to ensure security.

Governing Ourselves teaches you about the differing ideologies and systems of government like autocratic versus democratic. You’ll also learn about the purpose of extra governmental elements such as lobbyists and Political Action Committees (PACs). You’ll conduct an in-depth examination of the American political system, beginning with the emergence of the American government, the installation of the three branches, as well as the political process.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will have a firm handle on the development and institution of government. You’ll know the difference between and purpose of both autocratic and democratic governments, as well as other various forms. More importantly, as a global citizen, you’ll have an in-depth, working knowledge of the United States’ and other world governments.

Good citizenry begins with the ability to gather information about a political system and use that knowledge to make informed choices, especially within a democracy. Governing Ourselves promotes lifelong learning by saturating its students in the history of government and the rise, installation and function of the United States’ government.

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Deah Caldwell
Deah Caldwell is a Future Student Services advisor for the College of Liberal Studies. In 2010, she earned her master’s degree in History from the University of Central Oklahoma. She also contributes to Insight magazine, the CLS blog and CLS web content efforts.

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