What class?

LSTD 1333 – Governing Ourselves

Why is it cool?

Today, government often seems to offer up more drama than solution. Still, whether we like it or not, government plays a big role in our lives—from how clean our water is to how much tax we pay for a candy bar. Understanding the role of government and how it works makes us more responsible citizens. It also helps us make better, more informed choices for ourselves and our families.

Governing Ourselves will help students understand the various types of government, including America’s current political system. They will learn the difference between autocracies and democracies and take an in-depth look at how the United States government is structured. The emergence of the American government, the three branches of government and the political process will all be examined. Students will also study the role of special interest groups, such as lobbyists and political action committees, and how they impact public policy.

Through online discussions, readings and videos, students will learn to evaluate the role of power in multiple institutions of government, apply various articles in the United States Constitution to real-world situations and critically analyze branches of government and government institutions.

After completing the class, students not only will be able to reflect on the role of government in their personal and professional lives, they will be able to clearly and intelligently voice their opinions when discussing government and politics.

Talk to your advisor to see if this class might be right for you, or see what else is offered by the College of Liberal Studies.

May 19, 2017

Class Highlight – Governing Ourselves

In Governing Ourselves, you’ll learn how and why governments were established to safeguard its citizenry and employ force to emphasize security.
April 28, 2017

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April 13, 2017

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