If you are a CLS student, you have probably noticed a big difference in your fall semester courses this year. The CLS Academic Technology staff has been diligently working with course instructors to update and unify CLS courses into a modern and standard format utilizing the latest learning management technology through D2L.

The newly redesigned courses are typically broken into distinct units with clear objectives and tasks. Universal navigation and student resources will be emphasized in the right-hand columns of the pages along with links to new student orientation walk-throughs.

“Course instructors still have freedom to add supplemental materials they feel enhance their course topics,” said CLS Associate Dean Martha Banz. “Instructional flexibility has been, and always will be, important in CLS courses, but to utilize technological advancements in learning management systems, like D2L, meant students need a familiar framework from course to course. Especially in accelerated online formats.”

In addition to improved course navigation and structure, students will have access to great academic resources. These include instant online proofreading through Grammarly, 24-hour D2L support, syllabus PDFs, enhanced article searches and full access to the OU Library system.

Students new to the D2L learning management system will be able to access a quick tutorial about general navigation, discussion submissions and Dropbox assignments.


For the past 50 years CLS has been a pioneer in embracing technology and evolving to offer the best interdisciplinary education to non-traditional students and working adults. The future is bright for online education and CLS is ready to lead the way.

September 3, 2015

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