Cool Class at CLS – Theories of Management and Leadership

Theories of Management and Leadership course explores and grows students’ understanding of the history and theories behind quality leadership.

Becoming the Banner Carrier – Kimberly Mahoney

The CLS Banner Carrier is a decades-long tradition that signifies great academic achievement. Kimberly Mahoney accepted the honor in spring of 2015.

Cool Class at CLS – Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Cool Class at CLS – New updates for Interdisciplinary Inquiry, the foundation for all undergraduate programs offered at CLS.

Managing Career Change

Career change can and should be managed to the greatest extent possible. Take these positive steps to help manage a career change.

5 Resources Every CLS Student Should be Using Right Now

Your course homepages received a makeover this year, and with the new additions came a number of great resources to help you as you pursue your degree.

Cool Class at CLS – Exploring Race and Gender in Film

Exploring Race and Gender in Film takes students on an unconventional quest from slavery to the modern day by investigating inequality through film.

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