Cool Class at CLS – Studies in Police Leadership

Studies in Police Leadership cool class

What Class? LSCJ 5513: Studies in Police Leadership Why is it cool? Studies in Police Leadership is a class that explores the dynamics of leadership within the law enforcement context. The students examine topics like the history and evolution of police administration, general leadership theories, management best practices, and contemporary issues confronting the profession, but the real […]

I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings

Image for I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

Julie Davis reviews Maya Angelou’s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings, a book that continues to resonate with common human truths 45 years after its writing.

What You Didn’t Know About the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History

Sam Noble Museum Mammoth

The Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History is one of few museums in the world that can take only materials from its geographic area and tell the story of life.

Cool Class at CLS – Composition I & II

Composition Banner - what is english composition

Cool Class at CLS – English Composition combines what you know with “low stakes” assignments to teach students to write effectively and think critically.

Cool Class at CLS – Interdisciplinary Inquiry

Michaelangelo Cistine Chapel

Cool Class at CLS – Interdisciplinary Inquiry introduces students to interdisciplinarity, the foundation for all undergraduate programs offered at CLS.

CLS Alum Stages Play for Alzheimer’s Benefit

Still from Planet A, staged for Alzheimer's benefit

MLS graduate Mary Crescenzo, an award-winning playwright, writer, poet and blogger, had one of her plays staged in June as part of an Alzheimer’s benefit.

A Military Spouse – Finding Focus

Military spouse Michelle Wilson with her daughter

As a military spouse, Michelle Wilson has known many challenges and opportunities. She discusses her experience pursuing her degree as an army wife.

Cool Class at CLS – Evil Acts, Religious Reasons

Evil Acts Religious Reasons banner

Cool Class – Evil Acts, Religious Reasons explores the many ways that religion is both a problem and a benefit to human culture.

Museum Studies Graduate Publishes New Book

Voices in the Museum cover, written by David Lynx

A Museum Studies graduate recently published a collection of objects and stories about the Yakima Valley Museum in Washington.

Cool Class at CLS – Nonprofit Management

Banner of woman working in nonprofit management

Cool Class at CLS – Nonprofit Management teaches students how to make a difference while becoming an integral part of a socially conscious company.