OU Library Services for Online Students

Navigating a virtual library can be daunting. We interviewed CLS’ librarian, Cheryl McCain, to get a walk through on how to use OU’s online library services.

Faculty Profile – John Lancaster

John Lancaster, one of the earliest contributors to the CLS faculty, provides insight on how far the college has come since its beginning in 1961.

CLS Class Highlight – Film Noir

Class Highlight – Film Noir helps students understand how elements of film noir underpin much of what we watch and understand today.

Morgan Sowell – Endless Possibilities with Liberal Studies

Morgan Sowell wanted a degree that would open doors for her and provide opportunities to work in different fields. She found that with liberal studies.

OU Ranks Among Best Online Programs

U.S. News & World Report named the University of Oklahoma one of the best online programs of 2016 in their highly anticipated annual college review.

CLS Class Highlight – Writing for Success

Have you ever received an email that seemed rude, but the sender meant to be sarcastic? Use these writing strategies to make sure you say what you mean.

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