Cool Class at CLS – Evil Acts, Religious Reasons

Evil Acts Religious Reasons banner

Cool Class – Evil Acts, Religious Reasons explores the many ways that religion is both a problem and a benefit to human culture.

Museum Studies Graduate Publishes New Book

Voices in the Museum cover, written by David Lynx

A Museum Studies graduate recently published a collection of objects and stories about the Yakima Valley Museum in Washington.

Cool Class at CLS – Nonprofit Management

Banner of woman working in nonprofit management

Cool Class at CLS – Nonprofit Management teaches students how to make a difference while becoming an integral part of a socially conscious company.

Administrative Leadership in the Navy

Photo of the USS Abraham Lincoln, where administrative leadership student Joel Spangenberg worked on his degree

Joel Spangenberg, Administrative Leadership graduate and a top executive in the US Selective Service System, discusses earning his degree while in the Navy.

Cool Class at CLS – Professional Coaching

Coaching around a conference table

Cool Class at CLS – In a fast-paced environment where organizations are constantly changing, coaching is a way to learn how to adapt to and embrace change.

OSHER Scholarship Deadline Coming Up!

Osher slide of a pile of books

The deadline to sign up for the Osher scholarship is Tuesday, September 2, 2014 at 11:59 p.m. Don’t wait and miss this opportunity!

Professor Nina Livesey on Jewish-Christian Interpretations

Nina Livesey Research - Livesey with students, Summer 2013

Professor Nina Livesey discusses her past research on early Jewish-Christian relations, their later interpretations and Christian origins.

CLS Graduate Opens Poetry Museum

Poetry Museum banner

CLS graduate Shaun Perkins opened the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry, a poetry museum that invites visitors to interact with and personalize poetry.

Managing Career Change

Career change banner

Career change can and should be managed to the greatest extent possible. Take these positive steps to help manage a career change.

College Transfer Credit and You

Transfer credit banner

So you’re transferring to CLS and want to know where your previous credits will fit into your new major. Here’s what you need to get started.